Family Office Foundation

Unite your family members in passing on your values to the next generation,
moving from success to significance, and leaving a meaningful legacy


Every family passing along wealth or control over assets to the next generation should have annual family meetings to review success. Clients with more than $1,000,000 of assets passing to charities or family members often need to review a variety of legal, tax, and investment issues. Professional help is often needed when communicating goals for transferring wealth to heirs or philanthropic causes. Communication is often most effective in family meetings that affirm family relationships and illustrate how discussions of technical planning details foster deeper relationships. Ideally, each family meeting should be led by an adviser who understands the family's relational dynamics as well as the technical issues related to transferring ownership, cash flow, control or management responsibility to the next generation.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Develop a strong sense of family unity
  • Inspire each family member to pursue a calling
  • Establish clear leadership and succession structures
  • Help family members understand their responsibilities and likely rewards related to upholding the family's values
  • Clarify how and when families should fund charities while maintaining permissible access to income from assets given to charity.


The mission of the Family Office Foundation is to help philanthropic families and their advisers use planned giving tools and techniques to optimize capital available for funding favorite charities.